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True Strength
Remains Unshakable
in Times of Uncertainty

We have been through ups and downs of business cycles. There were good times, and there were tough times. The important thing is that we are still here, supported by the people and reinforced by our long term business partners, Bofi continues to grow from strength to strength. We have come a long way, and we will definitely go all the way. let Bofi bring you there.

Our People

There is strength in numbers. Without our people, Bofi would just be an empty shell. We currently have over 140 heads with over 100 on our production team. Our sales consultants work tirelessly to attend to each of our customers’ needs. Our designers attend to various design challenges each day. The production team ensures that our goods can be delivered on time. All of us work together to deliver the consistent quality that we promise.

Our Guarantee

In Bofi, we believe in continuous improvement. Without improvements in all areas, we cannot simply maintain our high standards.

We understand that it takes time to move up a step, to be on another level and that’s precisely what we aim to achieve each day. We see the future clearly in our visions, and the very small steps that we take every day are the ones that will take us there.

Our Suppliers

From our humble manufacturing background, Bofi has been with most of its suppliers for over a decade. In fact, we view them as our long term business partners. They understand our passion for quality, time and time again they have delivered. Unwavering trust has been built between Bofi and its suppliers over the years.