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Throughout the years, our customers remain our best investment in advertising. We have customers returning to us after 10 long years, because they would want it no other way. And through word-of-mouth, our customers have enabled us to grow from strength to strength.

Bofi has already established itself as one of the most coveted kitchen brands in the South East Asia region. Bofi actively promotes its kitchen system through advertisements in magazines and newpapers. As we progress through the information age, people are more educated, they are more informed and they have more choices. And what better way for people to choose than to see & feel our 'live' size kitchens in our showrooms.

Our showrooms house a variety of models from the Bofi collection, fully loaded with appliances and accessories. Attraction from pictures and ads alone might not be enough in some cases. Our customers have admitted that being able to see & feel the kitchen shifted the scales to our side during their decision making process. And they have not looked back since.